Committed to creating deep and lasting relationships with Israel, Seed the Dream Foundation supports programs that provide immersive, interactive, and dynamic Israel education and engagement opportunities. Through these experiences, participants learn about, engage with, and connect to Israel and Israelis.

Israel Education for High School

Seed the Dream Foundation works with schools, synagogues, and organizations that provide experiential educational opportunities and ongoing Israel education for high school students.

Israel on College Campuses

Seed the Dream Foundation supports a comprehensive approach to Israel education and engagement. Partners on campus work closely with Israel Engagement Organizations to develop and implement a holistic Israel strategy for each unique campus community. BICEP, a flagship program in this space, offers participants deep and lasting connections with Israel throughout the year.

Internship Opportunities

Focused on establishing mutually beneficial work experiences for companies and participants, these programs create peer relationships between Americans and Israelis while offering high quality professional learning opportunities.

Sports Community

We are proud to work with organizations that promote support for Israel for young adults participating in competitive sports programs.

Entertainment Industry

Seed the Dream Foundation supports organizations that effectively combat the cultural boycott movement and build robust proactive strategies that cultivate entertainment industry leaders.