In March 2019, Seed the Dream Foundation launched a national initiative to support thousands of Holocaust Survivors across the United States. Recognizing the importance of reaching any Survivor regardless of where he or she lives, Seed the Dream Foundation partnered with KAVOD to establish the KAVOD Survivors of the Holocaust Emergency Fund (SHEF).

KAVOD SHEF exponentially multiplies the dollars and vital services directly reaching Survivors in need. Leveraging the funds raised through a special philanthropic national matching initiative, KAVOD SHEF works together with philanthropic partners and designated communities across the United States to bring millions of additional dollars to the Survivor community.

100% of KAVOD SHEF funds raised are directed toward Emergency Services for Survivors and allocated through KAVOD. Urgent and critical Emergency Services eligible for coverage through KAVOD SHEF include:

– Dental
– Vision
– Food
– Emergency Medical Services
– Emergency Homecare
– Emergency Transportation
– Urgent Home Services (Emergency Utilities, Home Repairs, and Rent Support)

KAVOD SHEF funds are being utilized quickly as a secondary resource, with few restrictions, to address the unmet emergency needs of Holocaust Survivors across the United States.

The KAVOD SHEF 2020 Coalition of Communities in the United States include: Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, Silicon Valley, Denver, Stamford/Fairfield County, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Chicago, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Kansas City, Cherry Hill, Middlesex, Metrowest, Raleigh, Akron, Cleveland, Portland, Philadelphia, Houston