Educational Awareness Initiatives

Assistance to Holocaust Survivors

Seed The Dream Foundation supports local, national, and international organizations, including: The Blue Card, JF & CS, Latet: Aid for Life, Jewish Family & Children's Service of Greater Philadelphia, and Selfhelp Community Services as they provide aging Holocaust Survivors in the United States and Israel with services and resources.

Holocaust Archives Preserved and Made Accessible

Through funding from Seed The Dream Foundation, The International Tracing Service transcribes and archives historical records from the Holocaust and makes them available to the public via the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Aid for African Refugees

Seed the Dream Foundation provides funding to Refuge Point, that helps refugees relocate to countries where they are able to start new lives in safety and with dignity.

Food Security for Survivors

Through a grant from Seed The Dream Foundtation, the Jewish Relief Agency provides meals and food security to Holocaust Survivors in the Greater Philadelphia community.

Holocaust Education for the Next Generation

Through a grant from Seed The Dream Foundation, the Anti-Defamation League, USC Shoah Foundation, and Yad Vashem have meaningfully integrated lessons on contemporary anti-Semitism into their Holocaust education curriculum for middle and high school students.

Innovative Holocaust Education

Seed The Dream Foundation is proud to support Facing History as it trains educators to implement lessons about the Holocaust and contemporary anti-Semitism in the classroom.

Officers Travel to Poland

Through a grant from Seed The Dream Foundation, delegations of IDF Soldiers travel to Poland with Holocaust Survivors and their families to honor the memory of the victims and bear witness to the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Catholic Educators Holocaust Education Program

Seed The Dream Foundation is a sponsor of the Anti-Defamation League’s “Bearing Witness Program,” which provides Holocaust education training and resources for Catholic school teachers.

Documenting Eyewitness Testimony to the Holocaust

Seed The Dream Foundation supports Yahad-In Unum, in its efforts to uncover the mass execution sites of Jews in Eastern Europe during World War II and educate generations across the globe about the Holocaust.

Holocaust Education in Asia

The Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre aims to teach and educate the wider public about the continuing dangers posed by prejudice and intolerance through the study of the Holocaust in schools and Universities, through funding from Seed The Dream Foundation.

Cuba’s First Holocaust Exhibit

We Remember - The Holocaust and the Creation of the Living Community is Cuba’s first permanent Holocaust exhibit established by Seed The Dream Foundation in Havana. It shines a light on the Cuban Holocaust experience and raises awareness about the small Jewish community that makes Cuba its home.

Deepening Knowledge about Spiritual Resistance during the Holocaust

Through the "Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers Program," American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants brings educators to Holocaust and Jewish heritage sites in Germany and Poland to deepen their understanding and strengthen their capacity to implement effective Holocaust studies in their classrooms.

Stories That Life: Forging Meaningful Intergenerational Connections

Seed The Dream Foundation is proud to support the Rohr Center for Jewish Life-Chabad House as it fosters meaningful connections between college students on the Haverford, Swarthmore, and Bryn Mawr campuses and local Holocaust Survivors.