Educational Awareness Initiatives

Cuba’s First Holocaust Exhibit

We Remember—The Holocaust and the Creation of the Living Community is Cuba's first permanent Holocaust exhibit established by Seed the Dream Foundation in Havana. It shines a light on the Cuban Holocaust experience and raises awareness about the small Jewish community that makes Cuba its home.

Aid for African Refugees

Seed the Dream Foundation provides funding to Refuge Point, that helps refugees relocate to countries where they are able to start new lives in safety and with dignity.

Survivor Testimony Based Teacher Training

USC Shoah Foundation – The Institute for Visual History and Education promotes the educational use of testimony to overcome prejudice and intolerance. With the support of Seed the Dream Foundation, the Institute will provide professional development and training for teachers that will help them use audiovisual Holocaust testimony ethically and effectively in the classroom.

Officers Travel to Poland

Through a grant from Seed The Dream Foundation, delegations of Israel Defense Forces travel to Poland with Holocaust survivors & their families to teach the lessons of the Holocaust and honor the memory of the victims.

Emergency Service for Holocaust Survivors

Seed The Dream Foundation proudly supports Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia’s program to provide increased home care needs for aging Holocaust survivors.

Holocaust Archives Preserved and Made Accessible

Millions of records from The International Tracing Service are being transcribed, archived and made available at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, through funding from Seed The Dream Foundation.

Documenting Eyewitness Testimony to the Holocaust

Seed The Dream Foundation supports Yahad-In Unum, a Paris-based organization dedicated to identifying and documenting sites of mass executions of Jews in Eastern Europe during World War II, and recording interviews of eyewitnesses to these crimes.

Holocaust Education Leadership Program

Seed the Dream Foundation awarded a grant to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's "Bringing the Lessons Home Program." This unique and broad-reaching educational program for high school students brings lessons of Holocaust history to new and diverse communities, both locally and nationally.

Catholic Educators Holocaust Education Program

Seed the Dream Foundation is a sponsor of the Anti-Defamation League's "Bearing Witness Program" providing Holocaust education training and resources for catholic school teachers. Bearing Witness participants learn about the historical relationship between Catholics and Jews, and how learning and teaching the lessons of the Holocaust can help overcome prejudice within contemporary society.