Educational Access Initiatives

Freire Expanding to Serve Middle School and Bringing Technology to Its High School Students

Since 1999, the Freire Charter School has provided students in grades 9-12 with a top-notch education. With support from Seed the Dream Foundation, Freire opened a new middle school serving an additional 500 students in grades 5-8, and TECH Freire expanded to serve a new group of high school students with a specialized, tech-focused, college prep program.

KIPP Inspired School In Israel

Leo Baeck Education Center, one of Israel’s leading educational institutions, has received a grant from Seed The Dream Foundation to launch the first KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) network of elementary schools in Israel. Located in Kfar Bialick, Kiryat Malachi, Petach Tikvah, and Yerucham, the YEDA network continues to grow and positively impact the educational system in Israel.

A New Primary School

A Seed the Dream Foundation grant provides support for The Rift Valley Children’s Village, an orphanage in the Karatu region of Tanzania, and for the construction of the Gyetighi Primary School that now serves over 450 students.

KIPP Elementary School Expansion in West Philadelphia

Thanks to continued support from Seed the Dream Foundation, KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program), a national network of high-performing public charter schools is growing in the Philadelphia area.

Expanding to Middle Schoolers

With a grant from Seed The Dream Foundation, the Russell Byers Charter School has been able to expand and open a new middle school with continued rigorous education grounded in Expeditionary Learning. 

Expanding Education to Underprivileged Children in Israel

Migdal Ohr provides quality education and social guidance to children from underprivileged and troubled homes across Israel. Continued support from Seed The Dream Foundation aids Migdal Ohr's Zoharim project in the north of Israel, as well as the organization's important programs throughout the rest of the country.

Dedicated Classroom for Children with Special Needs

Seed The Dream Foundation provides support to children with a variety of learning challenges through funding of OROT, a special needs education program within Jewish Day Schools.

Preparing to Serve

Merchavim1 Seed The Dream Foundation is proud to support the Merchavim Neve Amiel Youth Village that educates and prepares at risk youth for service in the IDF. Merchavim2

Scholarships for High School Students

Through a grant from Seed The Dream Foundation, students receive scholarships to attend West Philadelphia Catholic High School.

Scholarships for Soldiers

The Impact! Scholarship Program of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) provides higher education opportunities for veterans of the Israel Defense Forces and is supported through a Seed The Dream Foundation Grant.

Improved Medical Care in Tanzania

Grant funding from Seed The Dream Foundation is helping The Foundation for African Medicine & Education (FAME) support, staff and operate a rural outpatient clinic and mobile medical service in the District of Karatu.

Young Adults Learn to Code in Israel

Seed The Dream Foundation proudly supports The Israel Tech Challenge Coding Bootcamp, providing intensive, hands-on training in software development and entrepreneurship to highly motivated Jewish young adults from around the world.

Supporting Ethiopian-Israeli Women in their National Service

Seed The Dream Foundation supports the Achva Preparatory Program in its work to provide education and enrichment opportunities for Ethiopian-Israeli young women during their years of National Service.

Access to Higher Education in Israel

Seed The Dream Foundation is proud to support the Ofakim LeHi-Tech Program, which provides residents of Israel's periphery with the opportunity to earn a degree. Ofakim offers scholarship recipients the chance to obtain a first-rate education and achieve a higher standard of living.

Aid for Disabled Combat Soldiers

Brothers1 Seed The Dream Foundation is proud to support Brothers for Life, created and run by disabled Israeli officers who offer educational, medical, and life assistance to disabled and injured IDF combat soldiers. Brothers2

Expanding Impact in Elementary Schools in Israel

Seed The Dream Foundation supports Teach First Israel in recruiting Israel’s most promising young people and training them to become exceptional educational leaders.

Children of Low-Income Families Go to Camp

The Female Hebrew Benevolent Society, the oldest Jewish charitable organization in continuous existence in the United States, awards camp scholarships to children of low-income Jewish families through on-going support from Seed The Dream Foundation.

Camping Experience for Sick Children

Ongoing support from Seed The Dream Foundation to the YMCA Camp Ockanikon’s Camp Bright Feathers and Camp Little Feathers Program offers a summer camping experience for children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Teaching English to Israeli Schoolchildren

Seed The Dream Foundation supports the ROI Community's TALMA - The Israel Program for Excellence in English with its intensive three-week English immersion program to Israeli elementary school children.

Art Education and Charter School Partnership

The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program creating public art for urban revitalization – has received a grant from Seed The Dream Foundation to provide art education in partnership with Philadelphia charter schools. mural4

Gifted Musicians Receive Support

Seed The Dream Foundation supports the Outstanding Musicians of the IDF Program giving young musicians in the Israel Defense Forces the option of serving in a way that promotes the development of their promising musical careers.

Neighborhood Music Program Grows

Play On, Philly! an after-school classical music program is expanding to additional sites, developing a student peer mentoring program, and increasing teaching faculty through a grant from Seed the Dream Foundation.

Musical Training in Opera

A fellowship in Opera at the Curtis Institute of Music was established through a grant from Seed The Dream Foundation. Curtis educates and trains exceptionally gifted musicians for careers as performing artists at the highest professional level.