Seed The Dream Foundation invites a small number of eligible organizations to submit Letters of Inquiry. Only organizations that have been invited may submit this Letter of Inquiry via our online application system. Seed The Dream Foundation is able to fund only a fraction of the requests received each year. Denial of funding is not necessarily a reflection on your program or proposal, rather the result of a process designed to ensure that a proposal fits within Seed The Dream Foundation's Mission & Goals. If you have been invited to submit a Letter of Inquiry to Seed The Dream Foundation via our online application process, your organization agrees not to disclose any information about your application process, including but not limited to grant amount and application questions without written approval from Seed The Dream Foundation’s Board of Directors. Our online application process includes the following stages:
  • Letters of Inquiry
  • Full Grant Applications
  • Follow up grant reports
All invited organizations must begin the application process with a Letter of Inquiry. Letters of Inquiry are reviewed on a rolling basis, but will not be considered for the upcoming review cycle if not received one month prior to the full grant application submission deadline, April 1 and November 1. Only those Letters of Inquiry that are approved will be invited to submit full grant applications. Please be mindful of full grant proposal application deadlines, as LOI turnaround may require time.

Key Dates:

  • Letters Of Inquiry — Reviewed on a rolling basis
  • Applications —Due May, Grants Awarded June
  • Applications — Due December, Grants Awarded January

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Save often!
  • Compose long answers offline.
  • Check character count (including spaces)
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